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Assist to Exeter on Vehicle Crash

On June 12 just before 4p.m. the spill trailer was dispatched to assist Exeter (Co25) on a vehicle crash at W. Neversink Rd. & Dewald Rd.  When Exeter crews arrived they found an SUV had struck a roll-on roll off truck just behind the drivers door which heavily damaged the piping to the 40 gallon hydraulic tank causing it to rapidly leak.  The crews spread several hundred pounds of oil dry as well as placing containment socks in the gutters to prevent runoff to storm drains.  Stop leak putty was placed around the damaged pipe as well to prevent further leaking.  The township road crew also responded to place sand over the area so vehicles didn’t slide on this sharp curve.  Crews were able to return to station shortly after 5p.m. to cool off on this mid-90’s day.

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