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Exeter Structure

Exeter Structure
On May 2 shortly after midnight Mt. Penn was dispatched with several other companies to assist Exeter(Co25) on a reported structure fire with entrapment in Brice Villa just behind the Turkey Hill.  Arriving units had heavy fire showing and quickly pulled multiple lines to knock it down.  There were serious exposure problems with the homes be [...]

Amity Structure Fire

Amity Structure Fire
On April 26 around 8:30p.m. the ladder was dispatched along with several other companies to assist Amity(Co’s 49 & 6) with a reported structure fire in the 100 block of Maplewood Dr.  Arriving units had heavy fire showing from the second floor front and quickly placed 2 lines in service.  Other units vented the roof and s [...]

Oley Structure Fire

Oley Structure Fire
On April 3rd about 1:30p.m. Mt. Penn was dispatched with several other companies to assist Oley(Co 5) on a reported structure fire in the 200 block of Mud Run Rd.  First arriving units had a house back a long lane with fire showing up the front of the house.  Supply line was laid up the lane from Mud Run Rd and a second alarm for [...]

Structure fire with entrapment

Structure fire with entrapment
On January 7, shortly before 11p.m. Mt. Penn was dispatched along with units from Lower Alsace, Exeter, Oley, Birdsboro and the City of Reading to 2709 Perkiomen Ave. for a reported structure fire with possible entrapment.  First arriving units quickly confirmed a working fire on the 1st floor with one person trapped on the second floor. [...]

Goodwill dumpster fire

Goodwill dumpster fire
On September 7th just before 2:30p.m. Mt. Penn was dispatched along with several other companies to assist Exeter (Co25) on a reported structure fire at the Goodwill Industries, 3001 St. Lawrence Ave.  Additional information from County indicated a dumpster fire.  Arriving units quickly confirmed a working compactor/dumpster fire at one end [...]

2 Alarms in Exeter

2 Alarms in Exeter
On September 1 at 8:20p.m. Mt. Penn was dispatched to assist Exeter (Co25) and numerous other companies as the RIT company for a reported structure fire at 1201 Pineland Rd. in Exeter.  Even before responding, the communications center was advising of multiple calls from as far as a mile away reporting a working fire.  First arriving units q [...]

Exeter Assist

Exeter Assist
On July 19 just after 10:30a.m. Ladder 1 was dispatched to 100 Gibraltar Rd. to assist Exeter(Co25), as well as several other companies, on a reported structure fire at Natural Pack Inc. Arriving units found a heavy smoke condition in the building with employees evacuating.  One line was pulled to the drying oven conveyer belt where boxes an [...]

RIT dispatched to Wyomissing

RIT dispatched to Wyomissing
On July 17 just before 10:30p.m. Mt. Penn was dispatched as the covering RIT company for a working structure fire at 1629 Museum Rd. in Wyomissing.  Arriving units had  fire in two rooms on the second floor of a large house that was at the end of a very long driveway.  Fortunately they were able to extinguish the fire with one line although [...]

Just about June

Just about June
It’s been a busy few days here as we wrap up May and get ready to move into June. On May 30 shortly after 8p.m. the ladder was sent to cover Western Berks Fire Station 2 while they were operating at a 2nd alarm structure fire on Water Rd. in Lower Heidelberg Twp.  While on standby L1 covered 2 medical assists in South Heidelberg Twp. [...]

A little bit of everything

A little bit of everything
Thursday turned out to be a busy day at Mt. Penn.  About 11:30 we were dispatched to assist Lower Alsace(Co4) with a reported brush fire across from the old caretakers house at Antietam Lake.  Arriving personnel found an area of about 75×75 feet burning slowly  just off the fire trail.  A line was raked around the fire until brush units [...]

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