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Early May Potpourri

Well, the first week of May is just about over and it has been steady for Mt. Penn.  In addition to the structure fires in Oley and Birdsboro we have been dispatched to several other calls during the week keeping us busy.

In what could have been a much more serious incident, the structure assignment was sent to the Hollywood Court Apartments for a possible structure fire on Filbert Ave. in Mt. Penn.  A box spring was ignited by a young child playing with a lighter.  Fortunately one of the parents was home and put the fire out with an extinguisher although there was a smoke condition and damage to the bedroom.  Crews were on the scene for about 45 minutes making sure there was no extension and venting the smoke condition.

On the 4th, the utility and spill trailer were sent to Manatawny Rd. in Earl Twp. to assist on a heating oil spill.  There had been a structure fire there earlier in the day and in the evening hours the home’s oil tank ruptured.  Crews assisted Earl (Co19) and Amity (Co49) on containing the approximately 100 gallon spill using containment booms and pads as well as large amounts of oil dry.  Fortunately none of the product entered the surrounding waterways.

Courtesy of Earl Twp. Fire

Courtesy of Earl Twp. Fire

Early on the 5th, during a heavy rain, the engine was sent to the 3600 block of St. Lawrence Ave. to assist Exeter (Co25) on a crash with reported entrapment.  Arriving crews found the patients had self extricated although several poles and their associated wires were heavily damaged.  Crews cleared the scene within 20 minutes but the road remained closed for much of the day for repairs.

Courtesy of Exeter Twp. Fire

In between all of this we also squeezed in a medical assist, a possible structure fire, pump testing & certification on the rescue, a carbon monoxide alarm and a pole fire, along with members attending training classes and assisting Ruscombmanor (Co34) on one of their community events.

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