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Hazy, Hot & Fire

Just before 12:30p.m. on August 6 Mt. Penn was dispatched with Lower Alsace(Co4) to 21st St. & Perkiomen Ave for a vehicle fire involving a trash truck.  On arrival Dep 1-1 (Eisenhard) confirmed a trash truck that had dumped its cargo on the street which was actively burning.  E1 pulled 2 lines and was supplied by E4 to knock down the fire in a few minutes while the boro brought in a backhoe to assist with overhaul.  The driver had recently picked up at a local apartment complex & noticed smoke & flames coming from the rear of the truck.  Several propane cylinders were found among the debris along with several other “non-trash” items.  Units were able to clear just before 2p.m. and a clean-up company was contacted to remove the mess.

Jeff Wertz photo

Tyler Thompson photo

Early in the evening we again joined Lower Alsace, Central Berks Regional Police and several other agencies at the A Field for National Night Out.  No rain this year!  Those who attended enjoyed food, games and prizes throughout the evening along with live music by the band Teacher’s Pet.  Thank you to all who organized this great community event!  See you next year!


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