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Heads Up for Safe Driving

As we all know, it’s that time of year when school is ending, people are going on vacations and getting outside with the onset of warmer weather.  This, of course, leads to more traffic on the roads.  We would like to remind you to be safe out there on the roads and pay attention to your surroundings.  As of today, in Berks County, there have been 25 people killed in traffic crashes for 2017.  Looking back to last year at this time there were only 10.  This is over a 100% increase for the same time period!  Please drive carefully, make sure your car is in good repair and remember a few things:

Put your phone down…it can wait!

If your wipers are on, your headlights (not daytime running lights) must be on.

Move over and slow down when approaching tow trucks or other emergency vehicles stopped along the road with their lights activated.

Please don’t drive if you are impaired by alchohol, medication or lack of sleep.

Buckle up!

Observe the speed limit.

By following these simple things you can avoid a traffic citation or worse.  Let’s not meet by accident!

Courtesy of Exeter Twp. Fire

Courtesy of Deputy 1/Jeff Wertz


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14 more call(s) this year.
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6 more call(s) this year.
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December - 41
29 less call(s) this year.
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