Mt. Penn Fire Company


Fire Department Officers:

Fire Chief: Tim Waldman
1st Deputy Chief: John Theodossiou
2nd Deputy Chief: John Eisenhard
Assistant Chief: David Kline

Captain: Rick Lombardo Jr.
Lieutenant: David Okonski
Lieutenant: Robert Mountz Jr.
Chief Engineer: Tyler Neiswender

Fire Marshal: Barry Vogt


Raymond Acevedo

Tim Belschwinder

Travis Caputo

David Ciabattoni

Timothy Eisenhard

Barry Frymoyer Jr.

Caleb Gibson

Nathan Maclane

Ryan Miller

Sean Miller

Tyler Neiswender

Tyler Okonski

Bradley Prater

John Scheirer

Jonathan Shrem

Thomas Staron

Richard Stoudt

Michael Vogt

Jeffrey Wertz

Fire Police:

Thomas Nolan

Junior Firefighters:

Dana Gill

Bryce Okonski

Alex Wojchehoski

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Mt. Penn Fire Company

Phone 610-779-6723

Department Activity

Summary of department activity
January69Prior Year (2018) Stats
January - 46
23 more call(s) this year.
February55Prior Year (2018) Stats
February - 43
12 more call(s) this year.
March56Prior Year (2018) Stats
March - 38
18 more call(s) this year.
April64Prior Year (2018) Stats
April - 45
19 more call(s) this year.
May49Prior Year (2018) Stats
May - 45
4 more call(s) this year.
June51Prior Year (2018) Stats
June - 36
15 more call(s) this year.
July64Prior Year (2018) Stats
July - 55
9 more call(s) this year.
August60Prior Year (2018) Stats
August - 51
9 more call(s) this year.
September36Prior Year (2018) Stats
September - 45
9 less call(s) this year.
October51Prior Year (2018) Stats
October - 46
5 more call(s) this year.
November17Prior Year (2018) Stats
November - 60
43 less call(s) this year.
Working Fires16

Previous Years


Our Mission

The mission of the Mt. Penn Fire Company is to protect the lives and property of the people of Mt Penn from fires, natural disasters, and hazardous materials incidents; to save lives by providing Rescue services; to prevent fires through prevention and education programs; and to provide a 100% Volunteer work environment that values health, wellness and cultural diversity and is free of harassment and discrimination.