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Despite the “big storm” not living up to expectations, it didn’t mean things slowed down for us.  Warming temperatures along with heavy rain proved to be the cause for most of our responses between 2a.m. and 5:30a.m.

It began shortly after 2 with a dispatch to assist Exeter at the Goodwill Store in St. Lawrence.  Units were quickly recalled when it was found to be the burglar alarm activated instead of the fire alarm.  Water in the panel was the apparent cause.  Shortly after that Mt. Penn and Lower Alsace were sent to St. Catherine’s School for a fire alarm from the boiler room.  On investigation it was found that an outflow pipe from the sump pump broke causing water to spray into the room as well as accumulate several inches deep on the floor.  Maintenance arrived quickly to repair the problem and units were able to clear shortly.  Rest was not to be had as units were dispatched to Captain’s Cove shortly after for a fire alarm.  Nothing was evident and no keyholder could respond so units were placed available.  Units were again dispatched shortly after 5a.m. for the same problem.  This time entry was made and a water condition was found which had set off the alarm.  It was left in trouble status until a keyholder could respond to fix the conditions.

Later in the day just before 1:30p.m. the ladder was sent along with several other companies to assist Gibraltar at 37 Green Hills Rd. for a chimney fire.  Arriving units found a house with a working chimney fire which took several sweepings and dry powder bombs to extinguish.  The stove insert also had to be removed to ensure the fire was out.  Everybody was able to clear shortly after 3p.m.

The day didn’t end there.  Just before 6p.m. we returned to Captain’s Cove for the same fire alarm.  Apparently it didn’t quite dry out from earlier.  The system was placed in test mode until the owner can get it repaired tomorrow.  Shortly after 7p.m. we again assisted Lower Alsace on a medical assist call to N. 25th St.  EMS arrived first and found everything was ok so the companies were returned to station.

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The mission of the Mt. Penn Fire Company is to protect the lives and property of the people of Mt Penn from fires, natural disasters, and hazardous materials incidents; to save lives by providing Rescue services; to prevent fires through prevention and education programs; and to provide a 100% Volunteer work environment that values health, wellness and cultural diversity and is free of harassment and discrimination.