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Tuesday Training

On Tuesday the 9th we changed it up a bit and the crew went to the Berks County Fire Training Center to practice hoseline advancement.  The engine was set up at the hydrant and the crew was divided into engine and truck company, alternating for each evolution.  Those assigned engine were given a problem such as basement fire, 3rd floor fire etc. and then had to choose the correct hose to advance to the location.  Those in the truck crew practiced doing quick searches as well as forcible entry and assisted the engine crew as needed.  Everybody was switched for each drill until the final drill which had all teams function as engine companies and advance multiple lines into the building from the basement to the third floor.  Our cooler weather stuck around which made the evening pretty nice for this physically demanding work.  Crews returned to station at 9p.m. after a well deserved break at the local Sonic Drive-In.  Many thanks to Exeter (Co25) who were on standby in case of an emergency call in Mt. Penn.

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January - 32
14 more call(s) this year.
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February - 46
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12 more call(s) this year.
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November - 37
6 more call(s) this year.
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December - 41
29 less call(s) this year.
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The mission of the Mt. Penn Fire Company is to protect the lives and property of the people of Mt Penn from fires, natural disasters, and hazardous materials incidents; to save lives by providing Rescue services; to prevent fires through prevention and education programs; and to provide a 100% Volunteer work environment that values health, wellness and cultural diversity and is free of harassment and discrimination.