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Fire Prevention Week 2021

This week is Fire Prevention Week in the USA. Our crews will be making their way to the schools to make sure that the message: LEARN THE SOUNDS OF FIRE SAFETY gets out to the students. Here is what the NFPA has to say about the theme this year:

“This year’s campaign, “Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety!” works to educate everyone about the different sounds the smoke and carbon monoxide alarms make. Knowing what to do when an alarm sounds will keep you and your family safe. When an alarm makes noises – a beeping sound or a chirping sound – you must take action.”

Knowing what to do and how to do it is very important, whether your smoke alarm or carbon monoxide alarm sounds. You MUST know the difference as each makes a distinctive sound. If you hear either one evacuate the building and call 911 so emergency services can be dispatched and investigate the cause. It could be a real activation or some type of detector fault but don’t take the chance with safety!

Did you know there are even detectors made for those that are hard of hearing? From the NFPA:

“There are smoke alarms and alert devices that alert people who are deaf or hard of hearing. These devices include strobe lights that flash to alert people when the smoke alarm sounds. Pillow or bed shakers designed to work with your smoke alarm also can be purchased and installed.” Pretty neat isn’t it? I’m sure some of us could use something like that to wake up in time for work!

Remember you should have at least one smoke and one carbon monoxide detector in your home. One on every level of your home is ideal. If either one sounds evacuate and call 911. Your safety is IMPORTANT and we still make house calls.

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The mission of the Mt. Penn Fire Company is to protect the lives and property of the people of Mt Penn from fires, natural disasters, and hazardous materials incidents; to save lives by providing Rescue services; to prevent fires through prevention and education programs; and to provide a 100% Volunteer work environment that values health, wellness and cultural diversity and is free of harassment and discrimination.