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Almost there!

Almost there!
Renovations on the station are progressing well. It’s been a long month with lots of work accomplished by the contractors and the truck crew. The new floors are in, and the painting is complete! New chairs have been delivered along with the cabinets and appliances. In the next few weeks things should be finished up and we can start [...]

Memorial Day

Memorial Day
Memorial Day weekend is here! Despite the temperatures that may suggest otherwise it is the unofficial start of the summer season. There will be parades, cookouts, pool openings and parties all across this nation. We hope everybody has a great time and safe time with family and friends! During this holiday weekend it is important t [...]

Fastnacht Finale!

Fastnacht Finale!
Thanks to your continued support and indulgence we have SOLD OUT of fastnachts for 2023! The nice weather combined with an unprecedented early turnout made this happen and we are very thankful to all of you who stopped by the station or the intersection to make their purchase. We will be cleaning up at station and having a day to r [...]

Fabulous Fastnachts!!

Fabulous Fastnachts!!
It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Shake off those winter blues and come on out to get the best fastnachts in Berks! It looks like the weather will cooperate too! Mt. Penn’s 55th annual sale of these incredible treats is scheduled for this weekend, February 18th and 19th from 8a.m. until 4p.m. As we all k [...]

Need to get a letter to Santa?

Need to get a letter to Santa?
Hey kids…got a letter you need sent express to the North Pole? Want to ask Santa for a few extra things this year? The Mt. Penn Fire Company has the solution! Write a letter to Santa and have mom and dad help you drop it in the special mailbox out front of the Mt. Penn Fire Co. at 2711 Grant St. and it will be sent via special [...]

Santa Claus is coming to town!

Santa Claus is coming to town!
Yes, it’s true! After some brief negotiations between borough council, fire company officers and township supervisors with Santa’s North Pole Central Command (SNPCC), that jolly old elf and everybody’s favorite jolly guy with a twinkle in his eye, Santa Claus will be making his way around Mt. Penn Borough AND Alsace To [...]


It was a pretty busy weekend at Mt. Penn with numerous calls for trees on wires, a few brush fires, a few structure fire calls as well as several medical assists. As we rapidly approach Thanksgiving and the real start of the holiday season, we hope you take time out from the retail madness and general craziness of the world to be thankf [...]

Tonight’s the Night!

Tonight’s the Night!
Here we go again! It doesn’t seem like fall, especially with those temperatures outside the past few days. While you are out doing yardwork and other home projects in your shorts don’t forget to grab some batteries from the store for your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. 2a.m. tomorrow is the time change where we fall [...]

AVCP Trunk or Treat

AVCP Trunk or Treat
On October 29 Mt. Penn, along with Lower Alsace (Co4), Lower Alsace EMS (Squad 555) and Central Berks Regional PD, joined with the Antietam Valley Community Partnership for Trunk or Treat night at the Antietam Pool parking lot. Just as with the other night in Alsace Township, beautiful weather was on tap although the temps were a bi [...]

Alsace Township Trunk or Treat

Alsace Township Trunk or Treat
On October 27th Mt. Penn and Blandon Fire Company (Co12) teamed up for the Alsace Township Trunk or Treat held at the Shoppes at Woodside from 6:30 to 8:30p.m. This event provides a central and safe location for the younger population of the township to collect some goodies that will, no doubt, be frowned upon by dentists everywhere [...]

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Summary of department activity
MonthFire CallsTotal
January4949Prior Year (2022) Stats
January - 60 | 60
11 less call(s) this year.
February4141Prior Year (2022) Stats
February - 56 | 56
15 less call(s) this year.
March6666Prior Year (2022) Stats
March - 48 | 48
18 more call(s) this year.
April6666Prior Year (2022) Stats
April - 59 | 59
7 more call(s) this year.
May6464Prior Year (2022) Stats
May - 48 | 48
16 more call(s) this year.
June6767Prior Year (2022) Stats
June - 50 | 50
17 more call(s) this year.
July8989Prior Year (2022) Stats
July - 60 | 60
29 more call(s) this year.
August4949Prior Year (2022) Stats
August - 48 | 48
1 more call(s) this year.
September4444Prior Year (2022) Stats
September - 49 | 49
5 less call(s) this year.
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The mission of the Mt. Penn Fire Company is to protect the lives and property of the people of Mt Penn from fires, natural disasters, and hazardous materials incidents; to save lives by providing Rescue services; to prevent fires through prevention and education programs; and to provide a 100% Volunteer work environment that values health, wellness and cultural diversity and is free of harassment and discrimination.


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